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What is POBLO?

Real help for real needs in our Rochester community


POBLO stands for People of the Book Lutheran Outreach. 50 million Americans are first and second generation citizens. Those who arrive in our country only have three months to learn the education and skills that we expect our children to learn in twelve years.  Imagine living in Somalia, Sudan, Cambodia, etc... That's a huge culture shift. Education and support are key to thrive.


It is amazing that the educational plight of immigrants isn't widely reported or seen as an important issue. It is. And you'd be absolutely amazed how grateful many are to attend POBLO's classes to help them.


One day, I just swung into the POBLO-ROCHESTER office. In one room was a first generation family learning English together. In another room, a lady who just gained citizenship was being tutored for a general science course. In another room, things were being readied for a computer skills class that night.


This is POBLO. POBLO looks at a soul and says, "I just want to bless you, prosper you, and see the best for you and your children."


POBLO reflects the love of our Lord to find the good and fulfilling life in serving others so that they can be truly blessed here in time and forever.


We praise our Lord for our POBLO full time workers: Mesgana, John, and Miriam. We couldn't imagine better servants for the Lord to send to us.


To learn more about volunteer opportunities, please call Mesgana 507.258.4155 or Bonnie Haugen 507.951.4476. POBLO is only inhibited by the number of volunteers who are willing to donate a little or a lot of time.


POBLO - ROCHESTER is located behind Trinity Lutheran Church at 225 5th Ave. SW. right in the downtown.



"We want to get into their lives and communicate that Christian people are there for them. By loving, caring, and giving of our time to help and teach, we earn the right to be heard. The churches and God's people will be the focal point. They don't know yet that the church doors are open for them. The volunteers will show them through practical love." Mesgana Morris.

Rochester International Friendship Center



Our Savior’s praises our Lord to be able to support our Rochester International Friendship Center. Imagine if you traveled to a far off land and started over. You would be immensely grateful for any support to help you become established and to learn the language. Our International Friendship Center seeks to be our Lord’s embrace and blessing. We offer a variety of classes, fellowship opportunities, counsel, and tangible assistance.  We see international friends as our own dear family.


Many internationals share with us just how difficulty and lonely it is to  move to a new land. It is not uncommon for them to share their gratitude for our assistance with tears. This ministry has blessed our churches as we see that we called to be a family caring for each other and for all.


When Rochester Christians are seen as their new loving family, many internationals attend Bible Study classes and services. It is in the Word where we see that the Spirit of God does all the work to create and nourish faith. The Lord has made many internationals to be part of our glorious and eternal family.  They become the most passionate members in our churches.


We are so excited that the Rochester International Friendship Center is our share in the Great Commission. This ministry is supported by many other Rochester area congregations and People of the Book Lutheran Outreach International (POBLO). The Rochester International Friendship Center now serves as a model for many other churches throughout the country who want to serve the internationals that the Lord has brought to them.


Please consider involvement in our International Friendship Center. While you can share in this work with your financial support, we would really love to see you volunteer. If you are leery of a big commitment, you can volunteer for a set period of time for an hour or two a week. If you have the love of Jesus in your heart, you are more than qualified to volunteer. Every single volunteer has found that they are tremendously blessed to be part of this.





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